Ties Knots and Connections - blog post image

Ties Knots and Connections

An indigenous knotting painting. WIth neither beginning or end, each part fulfilling its role, while in the service of the whole

09 July
Coolomon of Hope Hand full of Pain - blog post image

Coolomon of Hope Hand full of Pain

This is a painting in peters wake time series. It asks for empathy for people who have only pain. It speaks of a time needed to heal, hope ...

09 July
The Returning - blog post image

The Returning

This painting from Peters wake time series takes us to the cold face of modern and ancient Australia. It is a journey from what we had to w...

09 July
Native Beauty - blog post image

Native Beauty

A wake time painting of incredible beauty. For the first time the artist employs this style of imagery. In doing this he wishes to pose the...

09 July
The Black and the Green - blog post image

The Black and the Green

This painting simply reflects my Aboriginal and Irish connections. This two distinctive colours, the black and the green represents the continua...

09 July
Ancestors - blog post image


This vision is two spirit ancestors watching over me. They circle me, keeping me true to what I know and what is expected of me. They came ...

09 July
White Bird Black Land - blog post image

White Bird Black Land

The story of belonging, a painting of roles and responsibilities, and a work of respect. A reflection on the external and an acknowledgement of ...

09 July
Massacre - blog post image


1838, Waterloo Creek, notoriously remembered as one of the most brutal and relentless slaughters and innocent first Australians.

09 July
So Many Heads So Few Tales - blog post image

So Many Heads So Few Tales

This painting is part of Peters historical works, it is emotional and incredibly powerful.

This work deals with specific inciden...

09 July
Invasion - blog post image


This map like painting is a historical piece and creates two dimensional vision of our land at the moment of impact. Explanations of this l...

09 July
Strong Men - blog post image

Strong Men

Men knew their place in old culture.
....This made them strong.
....This gave them purpose.

09 July
River Dimentions - blog post image

River Dimentions

This painting expresses Peters understanding of the nature of physical, spirit and time in Aboriginal culture. The work speaks of the connectiv...

09 July
Elders are our Embers - blog post image

Elders are our Embers

This beautiful symbolic painting is deep in its explanations of the complex culture that spawned it. Loving, nurturing, respectful and whole are...

09 July
Birth of the Butterflies - blog post image

Birth of the Butterflies

A truly beautiful story depicting the true philosophical nature of our Indigenous people. In the time when death did not exist, creation was sud...

09 July
Burralga - blog post image


A dreamtime inspired painting given to Peter with respect by Aunty June Barker.

This painting tells us of the beautiful girl who defied t...

09 July
Gaygar the Mother Duck - blog post image

Gaygar the Mother Duck

The dreaming story is of Gaygar the mother duck, her abduction and escape from the water rat. It tells of a mothers unconditional love for her c...

11 June
The Phoenix Culture - blog post image

The Phoenix Culture

Of the Waketime series depicting a culture of adaption and recreation.
A work that blurs the lines between awaketime and dreamtime hi...

11 June
Ancient Strengths - blog post image

Ancient Strengths

This work is one in a series of Peters own unique indigenous knotting creations.
This painting walks us through a chain of historical...

11 June
The Knowing - blog post image

The Knowing

With sensitivity comes greater understanding, from greater understanding comes finer clarity. Only with a timeless patience, a connective sensit...

11 June
Each Part of a Whole - blog post image

Each Part of a Whole

A fine detailed painting with incredible relevance for today. This work is another in Peters own indigenous knotting series.

This artwork...

11 June
Community Artwork Pomona Railway Station - blog post image

Community Artwork Pomona Railway Station

This mural was created with students of Pomona State School and commissioned by Queensland Rail.

This mural is all based around communi...

02 May
Fingerprints 1 - blog post image

Fingerprints 1

Fingerprints use traditional imagery in explaining that all of creation carries the mark of Baayama (The Creator).

We have been incredibl...

30 April
First Impact - blog post image

First Impact

First impact. An historical work showing us a time and place but also an event.

The colours are bold and express the sharp and sudden imp...

30 April
Layers - blog post image


Layers, This represents our cultural depth and complexity.Spirit merging as one, with the mental and the physical.

Painting <...

30 April
That which binds us - blog post image

That which binds us

That which binds us, The space between us, is as equally important as the space we occupy. This space is what binds us to the all.

30 April
Waraba the Turtle - blog post image

Waraba the Turtle

Wayamba the Turtle, a dreaming story given by Auntie June Barker.

Warabah (the turtle) symbol of the warrior and protection. A man that p...

30 April
Stepping Stones - blog post image

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones We must remember, all that was, still exists simply awaiting a level or understanding worthy of its return.

Painting ...

04 April

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