Aboriginal Artist


Cultural knowledge, Spirituality, History, Science, Identity, Art & Story. Helping every Australian student feel & know more deeply what it is to be Australian.

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CARTA is a series of optional & individually tailored teaching/workshop sessions developed and presented by Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy, professional Aboriginal Artist, Story teller & Indigenous teacher of 20 years.

  • Cultural & Historical Teaching (with artifacts, weapons & ochre )
  • Dreamtime storytelling and role play
  • Fine Art display & Teaching
  • Art Creation & Meaning
  • Understanding Identity, who I am & strength of knowing
  • Science, binders & resins (making of)
  • Aboriginal Society roles/totems/ the way we taught (5 senses)
  • Aboriginal Spirituality, living & being
  • Acknowledgement to country (ochre use ceremony, with students)
  • Contemporizing Ancient Australian knowledge for modern Australians

25 years of Teaching by prominent elders has brought Peter to a way of teaching that benefits children & students from childcare & kindy, through to prep to year 12. Peter is called upon by the public, private, independent & Christian schools / colleges along with other community organization to work with their students in a whole of class or group teaching day activities.

Peter also works with individual & small groups in a mentoring capacity with Indigenous youth. CARTA will target your specific National curriculum needs while strengthening the knowledge base, understanding & EATSIP requirements of all students in your school & colleges.

Peter’s passion, humour & belief in the work he provides will directly connect with your students deeper desire for meaningful knowledge & understanding. Knowledge brings Understanding, leading to Empathy & Respect and finally true Knowing.

(Some of our many combinations of Teaching/Workshop Sessions)

Art Creation & Culture

Aboriginal art is so much more than just painting pictures, this art form connects us all to the land and spirit which we now share

Storytelling & Art Exhibit

Storytelling, role play and cultural knowledge allows your students to enjoy unfolding the layered wisdom of the first Australians. Morals/ values/ consequences/ co operation/respect

Cultural Knowledge, History & Aboriginal Society

Information and knowledge on the thinking & actions, engagement with one another & environment, roles & responsibilities Hunting/fighting/living/ceremony Pre & Post 1788

Science Of Discovery – Creation of binders and resin use

All natural ingredients, the teaching & layering of respect for the land & the people that provided us with 100 000 years of scientific discovery

Identity – Understanding who I am

Ancestry, relationships, your place & roles, a broader web of understanding connection, knowing your story, symptoms of lack of ID/ bullying/ racism/ sexism/ belittling. The great strength in knowing who you are & what you stand for.

Australian Aboriginal spirituality

Defining & broadening the concept of the great Dreaming, True meaning of connection to land, understanding the sacredness of story and knowing and living your personal Dreaming.

Indigenous Mentoring (individual & group)

Culture, identity, art story, spirituality, connection, history What is black, finding our way back

“I fan the embers of my ancient culture, to help inform & bring to life its relevant wisdom in the contemporary world of modern Australia”


Based on whole day teaching sessions, if required Peter is able to provide paints/ canvas/ paper & other requests as extras, if school chooses not to provide own. Art classes can use pencil/ pens & provide own paper Sessions (45-50mins) normal class size, numbers can be extended on request.

Sunshine Coast: (Gympie – Caloundra) $660 per day
Brisbane: (South of Caloundra, Redlands, Brisbane to Ipswich) $750 per day
South West: (Gold Coast – Toowoomba) $880 per day
(All other areas welcome including interstate $880 per day plus extra travel time+ petrol/flights)

Love to have a chat about your individual school and student needs.

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