Symbolic Contemporary Traditional Paintings

These paintings are works that use traditional symbols and imagery as an in integral part of the contemporary story.

Peter believes these inspired creation will play an important role in his future direction. Peter's work has always been done with the greatest of respect and use of these symbols only further strengthens his resolve.

These are the symbols of my ancestors, I believe the use of these symbols also serves two contempory purposes .Firstly in our ability to tell personal stories using our own symbolic language, and secondly in the strengthening of mind and healing of our spirit.

Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy believe is that when knowledge and understanding are applied over such an extended period of time, they cease to be individual experiences and take on an equation like nature. This allows ancient wisdom to be applied to modern dilemmas and avail us all of a much wider spectrum of vision.

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Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy

Symbolic Contemporary Traditional Paintings & Stories