Coolomon of Hope Hand full of Pain - blog post image

Coolomon of Hope Hand full of Pain

This is a painting in peters wake time series. It asks for empathy for people who have only pain. It speaks of a time needed to heal, hope ...

09 July
The Returning - blog post image

The Returning

This painting from Peters wake time series takes us to the cold face of modern and ancient Australia. It is a journey from what we had to w...

09 July
Native Beauty - blog post image

Native Beauty

A wake time painting of incredible beauty. For the first time the artist employs this style of imagery. In doing this he wishes to pose the...

09 July
The Black and the Green - blog post image

The Black and the Green

This painting simply reflects my Aboriginal and Irish connections. This two distinctive colours, the black and the green represents the continua...

09 July
Ancestors - blog post image


This vision is two spirit ancestors watching over me. They circle me, keeping me true to what I know and what is expected of me. They came ...

09 July
The Phoenix Culture - blog post image

The Phoenix Culture

Of the Waketime series depicting a culture of adaption and recreation.
A work that blurs the lines between awaketime and dreamtime hi...

11 June

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