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First Impact

First impact. An historical work showing us a time and place but also an event.

The colours are bold and express the sharp and sudden imp...

30 April
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Layers, This represents our cultural depth and complexity.Spirit merging as one, with the mental and the physical.

Painting <...

30 April
That which binds us - blog post image

That which binds us

That which binds us, The space between us, is as equally important as the space we occupy. This space is what binds us to the all.

30 April
Fingerprints 1 - blog post image

Fingerprints 1

Fingerprints use traditional imagery in explaining that all of creation carries the mark of Baayama (The Creator).

We have been incredibl...

30 April
Stepping Stones - blog post image

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones We must remember, all that was, still exists simply awaiting a level or understanding worthy of its return.

Painting ...

04 April

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