Ties Knots and Connections - blog post image

Ties Knots and Connections

An indigenous knotting painting. WIth neither beginning or end, each part fulfilling its role, while in the service of the whole

09 July
Ancient Strengths - blog post image

Ancient Strengths

This work is one in a series of Peters own unique indigenous knotting creations.
This painting walks us through a chain of historical...

11 June
The Knowing - blog post image

The Knowing

With sensitivity comes greater understanding, from greater understanding comes finer clarity. Only with a timeless patience, a connective sensit...

11 June
Each Part of a Whole - blog post image

Each Part of a Whole

A fine detailed painting with incredible relevance for today. This work is another in Peters own indigenous knotting series.

This artwork...

11 June

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