White Bird Black Land - blog post image

White Bird Black Land

The story of belonging, a painting of roles and responsibilities, and a work of respect. A reflection on the external and an acknowledgement of ...

09 July
Massacre - blog post image


1838, Waterloo Creek, notoriously remembered as one of the most brutal and relentless slaughters and innocent first Australians.

09 July
So Many Heads So Few Tales - blog post image

So Many Heads So Few Tales

This painting is part of Peters historical works, it is emotional and incredibly powerful.

This work deals with specific inciden...

09 July
Invasion - blog post image


This map like painting is a historical piece and creates two dimensional vision of our land at the moment of impact. Explanations of this l...

09 July
Strong Men - blog post image

Strong Men

Men knew their place in old culture.
....This made them strong.
....This gave them purpose.

09 July
River Dimentions - blog post image

River Dimentions

This painting expresses Peters understanding of the nature of physical, spirit and time in Aboriginal culture. The work speaks of the connectiv...

09 July

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