Birth of the Butterflies - blog post image

Birth of the Butterflies

A truly beautiful story depicting the true philosophical nature of our Indigenous people. In the time when death did not exist, creation was sud...

09 July
Burralga - blog post image


A dreamtime inspired painting given to Peter with respect by Aunty June Barker.

This painting tells us of the beautiful girl who defied t...

09 July
Gaygar the Mother Duck - blog post image

Gaygar the Mother Duck

The dreaming story is of Gaygar the mother duck, her abduction and escape from the water rat. It tells of a mothers unconditional love for her c...

11 June
Waraba the Turtle - blog post image

Waraba the Turtle

Wayamba the Turtle, a dreaming story given by Auntie June Barker.

Warabah (the turtle) symbol of the warrior and protection. A man that p...

30 April

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